Ayurveda Karma Release using the Andrea Olivera Method

I’d like to share with you three very real cases of actual clients who shared with me their stories and have taken advantage of my Ayurveda NDT sessions.

“I have increasing chronic fatigue, aches, pain, hair loss and a growing issue with my cycle. My son blames me for his anxiety and depression and he takes his father side. They both blame me for what my son is going through. I’m really losing any sense of love that my own family is supposed to have for me. My son’s situation is not getting any better and now I’m feel like I’m getting sicker and sicker.”  

 “All my girlfriends have gotten married. I can’t seem to find anybody. I go out and meet many people but never really connect.  I’m really happy for them but at the same time I feel mad, jealous and sad more and more. I’m so angry that I’ve been breaking-out when I’ve never had acne problems, not to mention over eating"

“I’ve been seeing my psychologist to deal with deep rooted emotional trauma caused by my domestic partner. She recommended that I talk to you Andrea and spoke highly of your Ayurveda massage and karmic life reading package. She said it has helped herself and many of her other patients. Can Ayurveda self-care make me more resilient ?”

Dylan McDermott

Golden Globe and Emmy Awarded Actor

"Andrea is a healer of the soul. I highly recommend Andrea if you want to live in a higher consciousness". 

Maggie Q

Celebrated Actress and Model

"Andrea is a blessing you never see coming. I cannot live without her wisdom and grace. "

One of the most healing experiences

A very popular service I offer to help with such inter-related problems, and have people come from long distances to see me about, is my Karma Emotional Release and NDT™ Mind Body Therapy.  It  incorporates applied ayurvedic mind and body analysis and mapping, applied kinesiology, vedic spirituality, chakra balance and a restful Abhyanga Ayurveda massage.

NDT technique was developed by Dr. Kandis Blakely and I was trained by her personally. See Dr. Blakely's video below. She is sorely missed.

For a limited time - 1st Time Clients Only

I am offering Karma Release & NDT Mind Body Therapy at a greatly reduced rate to help your self-care focus

Reduced Package Specials

  • 2.5-hr package- regular $280 + HST now $225 + HST (20% off)!
  • 1.5 hr- regular $188 + HST. now $140 + HST (25% off)!

I look forward to talking to you

To Book with me email info@ayurvedicotuch.com or call 416-504-6059 or 1-800-504-0249

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Peace to your body,  to your heart, to your mind

Andrea Olivera

I also have a number of long-distance clients

I work with some clients over the phone regularly doing Karma Release Therapy. Regular $125 + HST now for $99 + HST (20% off)