Join the momentum get and THE PLANNER OF 2018 - Eye On Yoga


The planner all Yogis, Ayurveda lovers and Astrology conscious individuals have been waiting for.

Plan, Grow, and Awaken with insights from the the sister sciences of Ayurveda, Jyotish and Yoga.

In this full colour, premium paper, planner, you will discover:

✔ How to set your "Sankalpa" and why it is critical to your success,

✔Set your intention and personal growth focus

✔Powerful monthly thematic reviews, analysis with insights from world-class practitioners, and inspiring art and poetry

✔Mini goals, notes, and progress analysis to keep you on track

✔Check-in pages and opportunity for personal self-reflection

✔Full range of cross-cultural religious, civic and special holidays

✔Suggested and recommended focus areas for each day using Jyotish astrology analysis